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How to enter Academy Courses (& Tournaments)

You can enter an Academy course or the Supervised High Bisque Tournament in several ways:

  1. Complete an on-line entry form here.  You will be contacted by the Course Secretary once your entry has been processed.  Your place will not be confirmed until payment is received. There is no need to send in a paper form with your cheque, just write the course name on the back of the cheque. If you wish to pay by electronic transfer, please contact the Course Administrator by email.
  2. Download the application form here, then print it and send it off together with your cheque.

Which ever method you use, please give an email address if at all possible so that we can communicate with you efficiently. Paper entries and cheques (payable to The Croquet Academy) should be sent to Janet Hoptroff, 111 Mallon Dene, Rustington, West Sussex, BN16 2JW.

If you need to discuss a course further contact Janet Hoptroff at

If you want to check the status of your entry, click here.  It will show:

  • entry sent (on-line entry only) - you have requested a place but the Course Secretary has not yet acted on your request.
  • provisional - your entry have been received and a place provisionally allocated pending receipt of payment.
  • confirmed - your payment has been received.
  • withdrawn - you have cancelled your request for a place.

Only  your name is shown in the course list on the website.  However, if you wish to keep your entry private, please enter by post and ensure the Course Secretary is aware of your request for privacy.
Please report on-line entry problems or errors to the Webmaster.

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